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ZYGO-USA has been involved in manufacturing and distributing assistive technologies since 1974. We specialize in augmentative and alternative communication, environmental control systems, and alternative computer access.

We offer a wide range of technology products to our clients so they can achieve a greater independence and to enhance the quality of their lives. These solutions improve an individual's ability to learn, work, and interact with family and friends.

ZYGO Model 16

ZYGO Model 16

Featured Products

Optimist-MMX Optimist—MMX—2
Convertible Dynamic Display Device

An enhanced, versatile augmentative/alternative communication device that changes with the way you talk.

Laptop. *flip* Tablet. *flip* Laptop. *flip* Tablet.

Presenting The new Optimist-MMX-2, the improved latest dynamic display augmentative/alternative communication (AAC) aid from ZYGO-USA.

The Optimist-MMX is usable like a laptop from the keyboard. It can easily convert to a touch-screen tablet. It's durable, drop and spill resistent, and will withstand the demands of every day use.

  --> The new ZYGO Optimist—MMX—2 is right here...

Text-to-speech systems Dynamic display devices Aids to Daily Living Environmental controls
polyana 4 with persona 2175847951 Voice Amplifier elevator controls

Polyana 4

Optimist MMX-2

Voice Amplifier

Elevator Controls

650-960-8531   Grab the conversation in an instant with this intuitive communication aid.

585-433-5016    An enhanced, versatile
AAC device that changes
the way you talk.

   A very loud, amplified, 12 watt speaker.

   Completely accessible for independent remote control
of the elevator.

920-770-5040 (720) 465-0886 Voice Amplifier (404) 328-9423
Persona Mobile Optimist 3HD GewaTel 200 First Aide Kit
Polyana 4 with Persona 402-435-8900 BLV/6D Page Turner Progress IR transmitter
(540) 387-4844 (567) 273-6740 Safe Laser Pointer 778-993-3132
PolyTABLET with Persona 651-307-6677 Vocally Phone Dialer regrettableness

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